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Camping Guidelines and Policies

  • #1 Have FUN.
  • #2 Enjoy and Appreciate every moment with family and friends new and old.
  • #3 Create Memories that will last forever.
  • #4 Big or Small GO PLAY.
  • #5 Life’s to short make the most of today! So you never regret lost yesterdays!

The remainder of our policy and guidelines has been put in place to create a safe, and enjoyable environment for all of our campers. In hopes that your experience will bring you and your family back for years to come.

Check in time for camp sites and cabins is 3PM; Check out time for camp sites is 12PM and 11AM for cabins. Early check-in fee is $10.00 please call one day in advance to check availability. No Guarantees.

Campground Reminders

  • Specific site requests are noted, but not guaranteed. Site numbers are not guaranteed at the time of reservation. Sometimes due to unforeseen complications we may have to switch sites around to fix an issue or to make a site available. Although we do not like to do this sometimes it is necessary. If you wish to be guaranteed a site of your choosing there is a $50 Site Lock Fee to be paid in advance along with your normal deposit, or if we make a courtesy call about switching a reservation around and you wish to stay on the site then you will be charged a $50 Site Lock Fee.
  • Vehicle speed limit is 5 miles per hour (this includes golf carts). Please watch for children playing.  Golf carts must be driven by a licensed driver over the age of 21. Proof of insurance is required upon request.
  • Be courteous, do not walk, run, or ride bikes through other camp sites. No bikes or skateboards are allowed in front of the office or entrance gates. Please keep bikes out of walkways, and in bike racks. For the safety, of children no bikes are allowed to leave campsites after 9PM or dusk (whichever is earlier).
  • Bringing in wood is NOT allowed under any circumstances. No trees may be cut or scavenged (dead or alive). We sell firewood on site, by the wagon load. Please inquire at the office for price.
  • Only one camping unit permitted per site. Some sites may allow an additional tent for a $40 fee per night.
  • Quiet hours are from 11:00PM-8AM. At this time, anyone under 21 MUST be at their campsite. Please respect your neighbors by regulating your activities after 11:00PM so others will not be disturbed. Violators of this rule will be asked to leave if there is still a disruption after your first warning with NO refund. NO exception.
  • Between the hours of 10:30 PM – 8 AM vehicle use is limited to destination driving only.
  • No fireworks, firearms, or weapons are permitted on Rustic Timbers Door County Camping, LLC Property.
  • Pool hours are from 10AM to 8PM.  There is NO Lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk. Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by an adult. Pool rules are posted at the pool. Failure to comply will result in loss of privileges. No glass, foods, or pets allowed in the pool area. Toddlers must have SWIM PANTS. NO diapers allowed in pool.
  • NO Smoking is permitted in pool area, showers houses, laundry facilities, game room, or within 25′ of all public buildings. Please do NOT throw cigarette butts on the ground. Please extinguish and dispose of properly.
  • Garbage and recycling should be placed in the proper garbage dumpsters, NOT garbage cans. Campsites should be maintained in a neat, sanitary and orderly manner. Absolutely no trash lying on the ground outside of your unit or on campsite. Please do not drop garbage bags next to trash cans. Garbage dumpsters are now placed away from the camping area. This is for your camping pleasure; you would not want to be the guy that booked the site next to the dumpster in the middle of the hot summer.? Please check your map for locations or inquire in the office.
  • Absolutely NO large items such as tents, bikes, microwaves, lawn chairs etc. will be left on sites or at dumpsters you will be fined $200.00 per item.
  • Wisconsin State Law prohibits any sewage or gray water to be dumped on the ground please make sure you sign up for pumping or dispose in the dump station within the campground.
  • We do provide a pumping service for campers please inquire in the office. Pumping must be scheduled and paid for in advance no later than 8PM in the registration office the night before. Our scheduled pumping days are Sundays and Thursdays, we do NOT pump on Fridays. If it’s an emergency, you will be charged $50.00 per pumping.
  • No digging for any reason, wires, hoses, cables etc. If you have failed to follow this rule and any damage is done, all repairs of any underground lines will be your responsibility.
  • No more than 2 dogs are permitted per site. Pets must remain on leashes and under supervision at all times. Pets must be put away after dark and cannot be left unattended at any time. Continuous barking dogs will be asked to leave the premises. If you know your dog is a barker, please for the courtesy of other campers, make arrangements for your pet. Pet owners are responsible for all pets DO-DOO do not it leave anywhere on campground property and dispose of properly. We do have a pet disposal and bags for your convenience.
  • Do not leave fires unattended. All fires must be extinguished prior to departure or turning in for the night. PUT FIRE OUT COMPLETELY! No burning garbage, leaving trash or pet DO-DO in the campfire rings. Do not move fire rings or picnic tables.
  • All visitors must register in the office and purchase and car and day pass for $5.00 per adults $2.00 per child. Campers will be charged for visitors if they are not registered all cars Must have a car pass visible in the window at all times.
  • Any person adult or child found stealing, damaging property, dealing drugs, causing harm or injury to others, will be evicted immediately. NO EXCEPTIONS! Damage to any property will be the responsibility of the person who created the damage or parent of the minor child involved. Please if you witness any such events notify staff on duty immediately.
  • Please remember we are a privately owned campground. Owners and Employees are not responsible for accidents or injuries to campers or guests, as well as lost, stolen or damage to property of any kind. We reserve the right to enforce rules and policies in which we have created for your safety and the safety, of others. Violator’s pets or persons will be asked to leave if we have determined the health, safety or wellbeing of others, owners, management and campers alike is being jeopardized. If asked to leave, no refund will be given.
  • Any photos, videos or other types of media taken during your stay may be used for as promotional material for Rustic Timbers Door County Camping LLC.

We want everyone to have a memorable experience while staying with us at Rustic Timbers Door County Camping, LLC. If there is anything we can do to help improve your stay with us, please let us know. We thank you for choosing us for your family vacation.

Sherrie and Brian Patten
Rustic Timbers
Door County Camping LLC.

Cancellation Policy

All CANCELLATIONS MUST BE MADE BY VIA EMAIL, we will no longer be accepting cancellations over the phone in order to keep documentation of cancellation requests. To cancel, email us at Please remember all deposits are non-refundable. You may cancel your reservation up to 14 days prior to the arrival date to receive a credit voucher. If you cancel before the cancellation deadline, we will issue a camping voucher to be applied towards another stay within 1 year of the cancellation date. There will be a $10 processing fee deducted from your deposit amount at the time the voucher is issued. Please note there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this cancellation policy such as weather, breakdowns, illness, death etc. Remember we don’t charge extra for sunshine, so we don’t refund for rain.

Voucher Redemption

If you received a credit voucher for cancelling a site, there will be an available balance on your account in our system for us to apply as payment towards your future reservations. In order to use this voucher, you MUST book your site over the phone. All site booked online are prompted to be paid in full at the time of booking and vouchers CANNOT be applied to an online reservation. If you have a voucher available and booked again online you will not be issued a refund for your payment, you will have to use the voucher during your stay or for another reservation. NO EXCEPTIONS.


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